The Vision and Mandate

My vision and mandate is to bring about a paradigm shift in Nigerian politics and to change the narratives of the country and Africa as a whole.

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New Leadership Paradigm

We believe that leadership must be competent. We shall work hard to change the concept of a leader as a ruler. Our people confuse modern political leadership with the traditional ruler concept that they are more familiar with.


Nigeria, Africa & Beyond

We shall be better united when we concentrate on building a strong and virile country in order to occupy our place in Africa.

All Grassroots Alliance (AGA) Party

#Liberation2019 #Make it happen #Believe

My Philosophy

My Philosophy

Africanism is my political philosophy. It is a consciousness of the need for Africans to produce advanced societies and communities providing quality of life that is second to none and to erase the perception of that we are incapable of

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For A Meaningful Existence

We can and we must produce all the wealth that we need to give ourselves the meaningful existence that we desire.

Chuks Nwachuku

Ideas And Entrepreneurship

We must create an environment in which ideas and entrepreneurship can thrive to encourage production and productivity

Chuks Nwachuku

Towards a Better Nigeria

I was today officially handed the nomination form to be the flag bearer of the All Grassroots Alliance (AGA) in the 2019 Presidential Elections. The beat is on. #Makeithappen. #Believe.

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Chuks Nwachuku Nomination
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